Work Programme


Tendon Therapy Train will develop the first 3D cell-assembled prototype for tendon repair.


An in vitro microenvironment that will closely imitate the native tendon milieu will maintain the phenotype of tendon derived cells (TDs); will differentiate bone marrow stem cells (BMSCs) / adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) towards tenogenic lineage; will trans-differentiate dermal fibroblasts (DFs) towards tenogenic lineage and will facilitate the development of functional 3D cell assembled tendon equivalent.


1.Engineering optimal culture conditions to maintain human and equine TDC phenotype

2.Engineering optimal culture conditions to differentiate human and equine BMSCs, ADSCs and DFs towards the tenogenic lineage

3.Development of the 3D human and equine cell-assembled tendon substitutes

4.Assessment of the developed prototypes in suitable preclinical models

5.Development of roadmap to commercialisation

6.Development of world-class doctoral programme in ATMPs